The Wreath Palace is a supplier of quality preserved and dried natural foliage and specialty wreaths. Located in the spectacular Methow Valley of Washington, we specialize in preserving wild gypsophlia (Baby’s Breath), and other wild foliage and botanicals. We produce decorative wreaths and specialty wreaths using a variety of natural materials that grow wild and are native to the country side. They can be used both indoor and out door. We make christmas wreaths on demand by special order using fresh evergreens from the rain forests of Washington Coast.

  A wreath can be a display of class and sophistication, a command of presence. A wreath can be a country setting - primitive and rustic or vintage and antique. Elementry in simplicity and unique, It can bring you joy. It can make you happy. A wreath is a mystery and possess power. There is power in it's symmetry. It is constructed around plants that posses their own mysteries and powers and knowledge of the universe having existed for centuries and aquatinted with the mysteries of life and eternity and the creator. A wreath can conjure happiness to it's viewer and many happy returns like magic. A wreath can be spell binding ... the action of the materials as they go round and what they do - take on a life of their own.

   A wreath makes a nice thoughtful gift for someone in your life or a friend - surrounding a piece of nature and something real.

  We have "twig wreaths" based on the texture of the wild material used such as "Quail Brush".Quail Brush is more like a twig. We have "brush wreaths", a little more coarse in texture such as the wild  "Bitter Brush" and the beautiful wild "Rose Bush" wreaths. These are beautiful - one of a kind wreaths - which display a presence that can only be accredited to mother nature. We harness the energy of these wild materials to bring to you these select botanicals found growing wild in the country. The wild "Dog Wood " wreath can only be "tamed" to 36" to 40" inches in diameter. It's natural red with black contrast is stunning, especially in the wild - at winter time - against a white back drop of fallen snow.

   Preserving since 1985 formally as Colombia Lace, Inc. we define the craft of preserving with consistency and quality.

   Wild Baby’s Breath makes it’s home in the beautiful Methow Valley of Washington where it grows wild and we reside. In the month of July in full bloom it is the most beautiful plant under the sun. We harvest and preserve it to a soft bleached, bright golden natural blonde color, with tiny white flowers... like a thousand stars. We prepare it to be used as a filler both natural and in colors.

  This plant absorbs enormous energy from the sun throughout the process of it’s growth as well as the process of preserving, creating of it, it’s stunning gold and blonde appearance.  This is our "Gold Nugget Gyp". We use it in wreaths and as a filler. We preserve the plant just after bloom in it's seed stage where bloom turns to pods

creating a nice base for colors. Check out our color line.The plant is hardy and easy to assemble. What a great filler.

  Our hope is that we find each other in order to bring to you these unique botanicals found growing wild in the country.

 Our wreaths are all hand crafted in Washington. We use only natural and organic materials in their construction. Our decorative wreaths bring the authenticity of nature itself to you. We use no plastic or artificial materials to simulate a cheap substitute for mother nature. Natural foliage brings to you the pure energy of mother nature herself.

  We do sell wholesale, mostly Baby's Breath and Jim Hill Mustard/Winter Cress in both wreaths and fillers.Call for a wholesale quote on quantity.

  Our color line  takes on the colors of the rainbow and beyond. We have colors for Christmas, colors for fashion and colors for color. Or If you need a color we can match it.

  Our Mission Statement: Our aim is to please and in doing so make the point,  “the world is round”  where as in being so, provides for us our market. We can not do it alone nor can we do it "local". Local can not sustain us but free trade can. Thank you for all those of you that have visited this site from your location around the world, but most of all for those of you that have had the confidence to buy. Thank You !

       Out of Zion  “the perfection of beauty”  God hath shined ... Psalm 50:2